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China Sapphire and Touch Screen Expo

China Sapphire & Touch Screen Expo is a specialized exhibition focusing on sapphire materials. The expo presents the entire sapphire and touch screen ecosystem and host nearly 100 industry players from sapphire materials, sapphire growth, processing equipment, touch screen Integrated machine, touch screen materials, touch screen equipment, and touch screen displays to display their frontier technologies and products. The concurrent Forum, regarded as China’s first sapphire forum provides the attendees the opportunities to get valuable insights into the sapphire industry as well as meeting the global industry leaders such as Monocrystal, Aurora, Unionlight, SANDIVIK, and Sanit-Gobain, etc. 

- Date

September 5-8,2018

- Venue

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China

- Supporters

 Ministry of Science and Technology of China
 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China
 Chinese Academy of Sciences
 China Electronic Technology Group Corporation
 International Solid State Lighting AllianceISA
 Royal Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou
 Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou
 U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou
 U.K. Consulate General in Guangzhou

- Co-organizers

 China Association for Science and Technology
 Chinese Optical Society
 Academy of Optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 New Technology Development Center, China Association for
 Science and Technology
 China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA)
 International Convention & Exhibition Work Committee of
 Chinese Optical Society

- Co-sponsors

 China North Industries Group Corporation
 China South Industries Group Corporation
 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
 CETC International Co., Ltd
 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
 CMAI Association of India
 Chamber of Commerce & Industry Brazil-China (CCIBC)
 Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore
 Optical Communication Committee of
 China Institute of Communications
 Optical Manufacturing Committee of
 Chinese Optical Society
 Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics (WNLO)
 Hong Kong Optoelectronics Association
 Guangdong Optical Society
 Shenzhen Optical Society
 Shenzhen Conference Exhibition Association

- Organizer

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd


- Exhibit Profile

  • Sapphire Materials: High-purity Alumina, Crystal, Crystal rods, Crystal Wafers, PSS, LED Substrates, Sapphire Window, Sapphire Display Cover, Special Sapphire Optical Components, etc. 

  • Sapphire Growth Equipment: Control Systems, Vacuum Systems, Heating, Cooling System and Thermal Protection Systems, Power Supplies, X-ray Instrument, etc.

  • Sapphire Processing and Surface Finishing Equipment: Cutting, Drilling, Slicing, Polishing, Grinding, Chamfering, Thinning, Coatings, Cleaning, Polishing, Testing and Superhard Materials, etc.

  • Touch Screen Components and Modules: OGS, In-cell, On-cell, Capacitive Touch Screen, Resistive Touch Screen, Infrared Touch Screen, Piezoelectric Touch Screen, Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen, Optical Touch Screen, Hand-writing Board, Industrial Touch Screen, Human-computer Interface, and Multi-touch Display, AIO Machine, etc.

  • Touch Screen Materials and Consumables: ITO Conducting Glass, ITO Conducting Film, Touch Panel, Sapphire Division, Glass Substrate, Windows Lens, Electronic Paper, Glass Panel, Conductive Ink, Electronic Silver Paste, Conductive Adhesive, Protecting Adhesive, ITO Powder and Target Material, PET Protective Film, OCA Optical Cement, Optical Protective Film, TAC Film, High-performance Protective Film, Optical Film, IC, Double-sided Adhesive Tape, FPC, etc.

  • Touch Screen Manufacturing Equipment: Silkscreen Machine, Screen Printing Plate, UV Machine/Oven, Net Dryer, Laminating Machine, Measurement Machine, Combinational Machine, Cherusal, Punching Machine, Laser Etching Machine, Printing-down Machine, Glass Grinding Machine, Glass Washer, Glass Cutting Machine, Research & Development Devices, Melaleuca Frame, Dispensing Machine, Exposure Machine, Antistatic Devices, Robot Arm, Purifying Equipment Engineering, Coating Machine, Testing Equipment, Maintenance Equipment and others. 

- Emerging Display Zone:

  • Emerging Display and Device: OLED, 3D LCD Monitors, Graphene, Holographic Imaging, Touch Screen Monitor, Electronic Whiteboard, LED Monitors, Digital Signage, Wall Splicing System, Laser Television, Projection Displays, etc.

  • Intelligent Recognition and Solutions: Recognition System, Image Processing, Lens Module, Optical Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Facial Recognition, Iris Recognition, Vein Recognition, Sensors, Solutions and Software, etc.

  • AR/VR, Smart Wear: Virtual Technology, Enhancement, Mixed Reality Hardware, Output Device, Production Equipment and Accessories, System, Technology, Software, Games, and Smart Wear, etc.

- Some Key Exhibitors: